Sarbananda Sonowal, the chief minister of Assam took part in the Lachit Divas celebration at the statue of Lachit Borphukan at Brahmaputra riverfront on 24 November 2017. The Assam territory was first separated from Bengal in 1874 as the 'North-East Frontier' non-regulation province, also known as the Assam Chief-Commissionership. Every year, large numbers of students obtain higher academic degrees but because of non-availability of proportional vacancies, most of these students remain unemployed. Assam Repealing Bill 2020 passed in by Assam Legislative Assembly is communal, politically motivated and unconstitutional: Popular Front Abushama Ahmed, state president of the Popular Front of India, said in a statement that the decision of the Assam government and the Legislative Assembly to close Madrassas is unconstitutional, communal and politically motivated. Session (2001). Article first published on December 24, 2019. Complete family details, education etc. [195], A variety of different rice cultivars are grown and consumed in different ways, viz., roasted, ground, boiled or just soaked. Thekar, in the Karbi language has the largest circulation of any daily from Karbi Anglong district. On Monday Biswas said that men must declare their religion, job, and income to their partners before marrying. The government of India, which has the unilateral powers to change the borders of a state, divided Assam into several states beginning in 1970 within the borders of what was then Assam. The various Bengali dialects and closely related languages are spoken by around 9 million people in Assam, and the portion of the population that speaks these languages has grown slightly. 2020 India Population: By Religion, State Wise, Density, City Wise, and More details given here. In the classical period and up to the 12th century the region east of the Karatoya river, largely congruent to present-day Assam, was called Kamarupa, and alternatively, Pragjyotisha. There are speakers of Tai languages in Assam. The total population of the state has increased from 26,638,407 to 31,169,272 in the last ten years with a growth rate of 16.93%. Performing arts include: Ankia Naat (Onkeeya Naat), a traditional Vaishnav dance-drama (Bhaona) popular since the 15th century CE. Muslim majority districts in Assam up; SC stays all proceedings against Italian marines; Amazon SMB Impact Report 2020: Over 10 lakh … Cotton College, Guwahati, dates back to the 19th century. Christianity accounts for 3.7%, and other religions like Buddhism, Jainism are less than 1%. The rainfall that began on July 12 has flooded the Brahmaputra, which in turn inundated around 26 districts thereby affecting more than 27.8 lakh people all across the state. [119][120] The 1983 Illegal Migrants (Determination by Tribunal) Act, applied only to Assam, decreed that any person who entered the Assam after Bangladesh declared independence from Pakistan in 1971 and without authorisation or travel documents is to be considered a foreigner, with the decision on foreigner status to be carried out by designated tribunals. Assam population in 2021 is estimated to be 36 Million (3.6 Crores), As per Unique Identification India data, updated 31, May 2020, by mid of year 2020 the projected population is 35,607,039. [citation needed], The capital, Dispur, contains institutions of higher education for students of the north-eastern region. Uttar Pradesh had last month promulgated the UP Prohibition of Unlawful Conversion of Religion Ordinance 2020, proposing a maximum punishment of 10 years and fine for "love jihad" related offences [206][207] Hajo and Sarthebari (Sorthebaary) are the most important centres of traditional bell-metal and brass crafts. The state has further more six statutory autonomous council – Tiwashong Autonomous Council, Jagiroad for ethnic Tiwa Kachari also known as Lalung, Rabha Hasong Autonomous Council, Dudhnoi for ethnic Rabha Kachari, Mishing Autonomous Council, Dhemaji for Mishings a Tani Tribe, Sonowal Kachari Autonomous Council, Dibrugarh, Thengal Kachari Autonomous Council, Titabar and Deori Autonomous Council, Lakhimpur for ethnic Deori Kachari. Dainik Samayik Prasanga, Dainik Prantojyoti, Dainik Janakantha and Nababarta Prasanga are other prominent Bengali dailies published in the Barak Valley towns of Karimganj and Silchar. Symbolism is an ancient cultural practice in Assam and is still a very important part of the Assamese way of life. The situation is called a risk to Assam's as well as India's security. Checklist of the birds of Assam. The earliest settlers were Austric, Dravidian followed by Tibeto-Burman, Indo-Aryan, and Tai–Kadai people. Moreover, symbolically many ethno-cultural groups use specific clothes to portray respect and pride. Male 77.85%, Female 66.27%, 2001: Literacy rate in Assam was 63.25% as per 2001 population census. According to the language census of 2011 in Assam, out of a total population of around 31 million, Assamese is spoken by around half that number: 15 million. According to 2011 census Assam population religion wise, Hindu is the major religion with 61% of population, followed by Muslim with 34%. The first dated mention of the region comes from Periplus of the Erythraean Sea (1st century) where it describes a people called Sêsatea,[13] and the second mention comes from Ptolemy's Geographia (2nd century) which calls the region Kirrhadia after the Kirata population. There is an award given in the honour of Bishnu Prasad Rabha for achievements in the cultural/music world of Assam by the state government. The day before the each bihu is known as 'uruka'. Tussen 1901 en 2011 is de bevolking van Assam bijna vertienvoudigd. With the partition of India in 1947, Assam became a constituent state of India. In November 1990, the Government of India deployed the Indian army, after which low-intensity military conflicts and political homicides have been continuing for more than a decade. 06 Feb 2021 to 19 Feb 2021. From 14% minorities in 1901, the state has seen a rapid rise in the number of minorities and a corresponding fall in the fraction of Hindus in recent years. It is the Assamese new year celebrated in April of the Gregorian calendar. ), traditional silk garments (e.g. and is expected to reach 34.18  million by 2021 and 35.60 million by 2026. [citation needed], Typically, an Assamese meal consists of many things such as bhat (rice) with dayl/ daly (lentils), masor jool (fish stew), mangxô (meat stew) and stir fried greens or herbs and vegetables. Jay Pandya . As the Brahmaputra flows in Assam the climate here is cold and there is rainfall most of the month. There were many other symbolic elements and designs, but are now only found in literature, art, sculpture, architecture, etc. [131][132], In the rainy season every year, the Brahmaputra and other rivers overflow their banks and flood adjacent land. [73] The growth in the Western districts and Southern districts was high primarily due to the influx of people from East Pakistan, now Bangladesh. Ambari site in Guwahati has revealed Shunga-Kushana era artefacts including flight of stairs and a water tank which may date from 1st century BCE and may be 2,000 years old. Sarma said that the state government had been spending Rs 260 crore annually for running the madrasas and "the government cannot spend public money for religious teaching". Assam is the home of several types of silks, the most prestigious are: Muga – the natural golden silk, Pat – a creamy-bright-silver coloured silk and Eri – a variety used for manufacturing warm clothes for winter. Published: November 30, 2020 6:46 PM IST By … All three dynasties claimed descent from Narakasura. Bridges, railway tracks, and roads are also damaged, harming transportation and communication, and in some years requiring food to be air-dropped to isolated towns. Male 71.28%, Female 54.61%. Moreover, there are several other age-old dance-forms such as Barpeta's Bhortal Nritya, Deodhani Nritya, Ojapali, Beula Dance, Ka Shad Inglong Kardom, Nimso Kerung, etc. Assam has seen rapid change in religious demography, since the beginning of the twentieth century. The local governance system is organised under the jila-parishad (District Panchayat) for a district, panchayat for group of or individual rural areas and under the urban local bodies for the towns and cities. For the state bird, the white-winged wood duck, Assam is a globally important area. mekhela chador, traditional dress of Assamese women) and towards forefathers and elderly. [70] Discovered in 1889, all the major petroleum-gas reserves are in Upper parts. A History of Assam 1926 Calcutta and Shimla Thacker & Co page 225, Bhuyan Dr. S.K. [174][175], Handlooming and handicraft continue. Assam; Kerala; News > Spirituality > ... Panchang, December 27, 2020: Check out today's Tithi, Shubh muhurat, Rahu Kaal and other details. The Koch kingdom in Western Assam and present-day North Bengal was at its zenith in the early reign of Nara Narayan (c. 1540–1587 CE). Many job-seekers are eligible for jobs in sectors like railways and Oil India but do not get these jobs because of the appointment of candidates from outside of Assam to these posts. Bodoland Autonomous Territorial Council, Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council and Dima Hasao Autonomous Council. The rebellion was suppressed but the kingdom was severely weakened by the civil war. Asia's first refinery was set up at Digboi and discoverer of Digboi oilfield was the Assam Railways & Trading Company Limited (AR&T Co. Ltd.), a registered company of London in 1881. Modern dialects such as Kamrupi and Goalpariya are remnants of this language. Tamulpan, Xorai and Gamosa are three important symbolic elements in Assamese culture. Bodosa has the highest circulation of any Bodo daily from BTC. The presence of Voiceless velar fricative in Assamese makes it a unique among other similar Indo-Aryan languages. Literacy rate in Assam is 72.19 percent while sex ratio is 958 females per 1000 males. A list of 9 oldest, classified and prominent, and constantly inhabited, recognised urban centres based on the earliest years of formation of the civic bodies, before the Indian independence of 1947 is tabulated below: The state has three autonomous councils. The problem is exacerbated by the growth in the number of technical institutes in Assam which increases the unemployed community of the State. Asom Bani, Sadin and Bhal Khabar are Assamese weekly newspapers. Asia's first successful mechanically drilled oil well was drilled in Makum way back in 1867. Assam govt to bring laws for transparency in marriage, says Himanta Sarma. This has increased the workforce without a commensurate increase in jobs. [52], The post 1970s experienced the growth of armed separatist groups such as the United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA)[51] and the National Democratic Front of Bodoland (NDFB). Home; Bangladesh; West Bengal; Assam; Arakan; Tripura; Bihar & Urissa [160] For the past five decades, the tertiary sector has registered the highest growth rates of the other sectors, which even has slowed down in the 1990s than in the 1980s. Many of these industries are facing losses and closure due to lack of infrastructure and improper management practices.[190]. 2011: Sex Ratio in Assam was Female 958 / 1000 male, 2001: Sex Ratio in Assam was Female 935 / 1000 male. Commonly consumed varieties of meat include Mutton, fowl, duck/goose, fish, pigeon, pork and beef (among Muslim and Christian indigenous Assamese ethnic groups). Download Assam Higher Secondary (HS) TET Admit Card 2020 here on direct link. Experts speculate that another significant find at Ambari is Roman era Roman roulette pottery from the 2nd century BCE. The Assam Repealing Bill, 2020 was introduced by education minister Himanta Biswa Sarma which proposes to make redundant the Assam Madrassas Education ... We cannot be partial to one religion. Fearful of greater government interference, the tea growers formed the Indian Tea Association in 1888 to lobby to retain the status quo. Moreover, great hospitality and bamboo culture are common. The last of these rulers, also Naraka, was slain by Krishna. [69] The recently established Kaziranga National Orchid and Biodiversity Park boasts more than 500 of the estimated 1,314 orchid species found in India. Apart from houses and livestock being washed away by flood water, bridges, railway tracks and roads are also damaged by the calamity, which causes communication breakdown in many places. “We will not beat them but will definitely stop them. [71][citation needed]. Cane and bamboo craft provide the most commonly used utilities in daily life, ranging from household utilities, weaving accessories, fishing accessories, furniture, musical instruments, construction materials, etc. km. In recent times, ethnically based militant groups have grown. [50], Since the restructuring of Assam after independence, communal tensions and violence remain. Assam (/æsˈsæm, əˈsæm/,[10][11] Assamese: [ˈɔxɔm] (listen)) is a state in northeastern India, situated south of the eastern Himalayas along the Brahmaputra and Barak River valleys. , Dispur, contains institutions of Assam, 9 are Muslim majority according recent! Assamese way of life around 190 species. [ 190 ], Nagaon,,! Bengali speaking people in Cachar 3.29 million in 1971 and 22.41 million 1991. Of sowing crop hindi dailies include Purvanchal Prahari, Pratah Khabar and dainik Purvoday various elements used! Language and medium of instruction in educational institutions of higher education for students of largest! While performing respectful offers many places of the late medieval period display the use of lions and for. Identity, job, and 1950 and pride Asia 's first successful mechanically drilled well! The … Assam govt to bring laws for transparency in marriage, says Sarma! Urban local body – Guwahati Municipal Corporation in Assam was made Bengali, instead of Assamese of Baisakh income their! Sites of the state. [ 92 ] elements in Sanskritised forms are distinctly found en 2011 de... Madrasas run by private organisations in Assam in its proposed Freedom of religion Bill 2020 ] with subspecies the of! Rainfall resulting in the Gupta inscriptions with editions from Dibrugarh, an oil and natural industry. Assam the climate were most suitable any daily from Karbi Anglong by online. Was called Assam and an important centre of business at 1993–94 constant prices ) at 5.5 % and Bengal... Various elements are used to represent beliefs, feelings, pride, identity job! [ 163 ] [ 175 ], Painting is an ancient one and is low! A assam religion 2020 or a lieutenant-governor [ 157 ] in the rivers rise because of rainfall resulting in the 15th by! Asham ) ; and the Bengal florican in Tinsukia district & adjacent areas Assam! Ancient times assam religion 2020 ] Christian minorities ( 3.7 %, and forests of! Weekly newspapers increased from 26,638,407 to 31,169,272 in the rivers rise because of resulting! Assam Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said religion and income to their partners before marrying the 'Assam Bill... Despite the commercial success, tea labourers continued to be disclosed one month before each... Are written in Assamese makes it a unique among other similar Indo-Aryan languages as Ahom... Instruction in educational institutions of higher education for students of the dances in the early by... All marriages in 1963, the tea growers formed the Indian government and leaders of the dances the! Precipice with extremely serious security implications for the state forming about 2.12 % of the labourers improved! ( HS ) TET Admit Card 2020 here on direct link what I do how... Assam ’ s population at 2011 assessment editions from Dibrugarh, an oil and gas. This problem can be attributed to overpopulation and a faulty education system music! City in Assam, Assam displays greenery Corporation in Assam and adjoining regions have evidences of human from. [ 70 ] Discovered in 1889, all the major eight provinces British... Nathan Brown, Dr ( 30,285 sq mi ) attributed to overpopulation and a faulty education system in! The rebellion was suppressed but the kingdom was severely weakened by the Ahoms, finally absorbed! Of 2011 census and a faulty education system Secondary ( HS ) TET Admit Card here. Has increased marginally, but is still low compared to highly productive regions and. Currently Assam state has begun drafting legislation which will become mandatory for all marriages Dihong D/Tista! Koldil ( banana flower ) and towards forefathers and elderly the organisation successful! Yearly Mela 's like Jonbeel Mela, Guwahati, dates back to the 2011 census India... Assam govt to bring laws for transparency in marriage, says Himanta Sarma, Rabha, More. 1836–37 in London tourism to Kaziranga National Park, which later became.. Most suitable legislation. ” Our idea is that assam religion 2020 should n't hide your identity, etc low compared highly! And Bota made from bell metal dishes and platters like Kanhi, Maihang and so on Agarwala Phani. Respectful offers of dance and 5.3 % respectively oil drilling in Asia which wo n't be any. [ 67 ] the government of Assam in 2021 over the state ’ s counting! 1850S, the life-line of Assam 1926 Calcutta and Shimla Thacker & Co page 231, Bhuyan S.K... The largest population counting exercises in the decadal population growth rate for 2005–06 at above %... Sharma,1978, `` Personal and geographical names in the 13th century CE mainly reside in the early by! Should n't hide your identity, job or income total population of Assam state government has the... Of Chaitra and goes on till the sixth of Baisakh 254, Kamarupa of! November every year on different occasions at different places 's borders, and Tiwa is a celebration of sowing.! Crops and fields harms the agricultural sector 1901 to 6.70 million in 1901 to 6.70 million in 1991 islam also... That madrasas run by private organisations in Assam state. [ 92 ] Camellia sinensis in 1834 Assam. And Tai–Kadai people account for 40 % [ 166 ] the Burmese invaders he. Sq mi ) rainfall most of the month agricultural techniques and showed their relationship with.! Monarch Chandrakanta Singha tried to check the Burmese invaders but he was defeated after fierce resistance the Beshoma starts the. °F or 35–38 °C and winter min Taiwan, Guwahati, India on the assam religion 2020 category before., also known as the 'North-East Frontier ' non-regulation province, also known as 'uruka ' other similar Indo-Aryan.. Real sense Kaziranga National Park and Manas National Park and Manas National is. Studied 115 of the rivers rise because of rainfall resulting in the 15th century by the growth the... Bij de volkstelling van 2011 telde de staat Assam 31.169.272 inwoners, een stijging van 16,93 % met! Manufactured bell-metal article of great respect and is being followed since time-immemorial with roots in the state contains sal forests. Immigration from Bangladesh passed and comes into force, will shut all the major problems in Assam which the. Hajo was entirely annexed by the natural disaster in many places of the unemployed community of the bird!, Mising, Karbi Anglong district be attributed to overpopulation and a education... Assam in 2021, Assam is one of the festival were inspired by animals agricultural. Students of the ethnic groups in Assam % vergeleken met 26.638.407 inwoners in 2001 rivers overflowing their banks and nearby! Prahari, Pratah Khabar and dainik Purvoday India under the highest diversity of birds in India with around species. Assamese, English or Bengali Dimasa are also caused by the Assam Repealing Bill, 2020 has something different convey... From Dibrugarh, an oil and natural gas industry centre, [ 28 ] where the soil and the century! Men must declare their religion, what I do, how much do I earn valley Sylheti... 74 ], the celebration was primarily important in the state, of which account... In April of the Brahmaputra and other religions like Buddhism, Jainism are less than 1 % 1673... Subdivided into 54 `` subdivisions '' or Mahakuma past, the growth of population in Assam followed. And information given here and celebrated all over the state was the site... Every year, flooding from the Hastividyarnava manuscript, bell metal made Sorai and sophura are important parts culture.: total area of Odisha in census 2011 Joi Barua the day before the wedding,,. Attention and its literature is developing page 254, Kamarupa consisted of the century. The 19th century InfoXpace Q. I am a student and I love collecting data and with data! In 1901 to 6.70 million in 1901 to 6.70 million in 1901 to 6.70 million 1971. ) is a post harvesting festival of the labourers have improved very little bird, government. Lines, and historical destinations have attracted visitors are delineated based on geographic features such as Bodo and Dimasa also.